New Meeting Location for Next Meeting

September 26, 2006

With just weeks before election we look forward to keeping up the momentum we’d love to have you join us.

Join in the excitement and energy to move our state forward to a new vision!!

Day: Monday, October 9
Time: 7pm
Where: Bryant Square Park Recreation Center, 3101 Bryant Ave. S.


See you there, Ken Pentel


Allow Ken to Debate

August 28, 2006

Make Your Voice Heard to Allow Ken to Debate

Due to our minor party status, the Pentel for Governor campaign is being deemed as insignificant and is being shut out from participating in a very important debate sponsored by several environmental organizations. Please contact The Envision Minnesota Project and request that Ken be allowed to participate since we are the environmental political party.

Danene Provencher
GPM endorsed Lt. Gov candidate

Please Contact:

The Envision Minnesota Project
1000 Friends of Minnesota
26 Exchange St E
Suite 317
St. Paul Minnesota, 55101

Telephone: 651-312-1000
Fax: 651-312-0012

This Is Your Opportunity to Support Ken for Governor

August 27, 2006

Dear Green supporters and friends,

Now is the time to participate in Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program (PCRP). Have you received your $50 campaign refund check yet this year? You can by writing a campaign contribution check to the Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign.

The refund program is intended to encourage citizens to contribute to Minnesota political parties and candidates for state offices. The underlying goal of the program is to make it unnecessary for candidates to accept large contributions from individual donors and lobbying groups by providing candidates with enough small contributions to adequately finance their campaigns.

We will send you a receipt and a refund form. Refunds are received in 6-8 weeks.

Please send your Ken Pentel for Governor campaign contributions today. You can donate online now at or send your check today to:

Ken Pentel for Governor P.O. Box 583091 Minneapolis, MN 55458

Thank you for your support, and let’s organize.

Ken Pentel

For further information go to or call Tori Johnston @ 612-824-8492

Please forward to friends.

Ken’s Issues to MCPA Magazine

August 21, 2006

Margaret I. Winchell CAE Aug. 17, 2006
Editorial/Production Director
MCPA Magazine

Ken Pentel
Green Party of MN
Candidate for Governor

I am pleased to have this opportunity to speak directly with active and retired members of the MCPA, their friends, and families.

Law enforcement professionals undoubtedly require the cooperation and resources that the governor’s office is capable of providing them. Concerning the training, equipment, and personnel the MCPA commands, I would first like to take this opportunity to point out the fact that I was the lone 2002 candidate for governor who insisted upon an increase in local government aid. As we’ve all seen, the past four years have forced cities to step in where the current administration failed to offer necessary funding. Rest assured that a Pentel administration would be attentive to this critical issue.

Another significant issue under the funding umbrella that I want to address is health care. I want to reduce administrative paperwork, cut through the stranglehold that our health care crisis has all of us seeing cost increases going through the roof, and streamline the system. The single payer universal system I plan to establish, is both simple to administer, and equitable.

I would like to pose an important question to MCPA members today. How much weight is added to your responsibilities in law enforcement as a direct result of the economic disparities that exist in our communities? Whether it be a homeless teen who turns to gangs and violence, a single mother who turns to drugs or prostitution, or a mentally ill man who lacks access to appropriate care, the problem is the same: Economic development, support for social services, and educational opportunities require proper funding. Currently, law enforcement, including the prison system, is being run ragged because these problems are not addressed appropriately by the state in the first place. The system is backwards. I intend to invest in education, job training, and needs like child care and after school programs, so that we can beat the problem of crime before it can take root.

An environmental issue that I want to bring to the discussion today is the long term effects that first responders suffer as a result of toxic chemicals they encounter in both residential and industrial spills, fires, and drug raids. We need to work to reduce the exposure of responders, and limit or eliminate these chemicals at their source.

Finally, let me say something about the immigration issue that Republicans, both locally and nationally, have raised. The current economic system we live under has encouraged illegal immigration to balloon and it needs to be addressed, first, and foremost. Immigrants, legal or illegal, deserve basic human rights and respectful treatment while legislators come to grips with the inadequacies in the economic system that have drawn them here. Primarily, those who hire illegal immigrants need to be held accountable. If the jobs aren’t there, the issue is dead on arrival. Currently, there is little to no enforcement on this end of the issue. That must change. We need a responsible, honest look at this issue, not police officers acting on behalf of the INS.

Thank you for weighing my perspective on the issues important to you with those of my opponents. I am honored to have this opportunity to share it with you. Your service to all of the communities we share together here in Minnesota is greatly appreciated. I hope I can count on you and your vote in November.

For more insight into the Pentel/Provencher Green Party platform, please visit or visit with me this Fall as I make my way around the state attending events up through election day.

Contacts: Ken Pentel Chris E. Henning
GPMN Gubernatorial Candidate Media Relations Coordinator
(612) 387-0601 (952) 808-3215

Danene Provencher Tori Johnson
GPMN Lieutenant Gov. Candidate GPMN Campaign Mgr.
(952) 472-7863 (612) 824-8492

Recent Activites

August 21, 2006

Gubernatorial candidate Ken Pentel to Visit Bemidji
Diamond Point Park meeting scheduled for 6:30pm Thursday, Aug. 17

August 16, 2006 – Mpls – Ken Pentel, the Green Party endorsed candidate for governor, will visit Bemidji Thursday at Diamond Point Park to gather support for his campaign. The event sponsored by the Bemidji/Headwaters Green Party will begin at 7pm following a potluck dinner at 6:30. The meeting is open to the public.

Pentel will address key policy initiatives such as honesty in our democracy, state aid to local governments, local development of alternative energy sources, single payer universal health coverage, and solutions to transportation needs in greater Minnesota.

The reduction in state aid over the past four years has diminished many local government’s ability to offer proper police, fire and social services to their citizens. Pentel intends to reestablish funding levels so that people in greater Minnesota can get the services they need to feel safe and protected from unexpected events in their lives.

Pentel is aware of the crunch the current energy prices are putting on individuals and businesses. His alternative energy plan encourages efficiency through reductions in energy use, and helps Minnesotans develop new sources of energy such as wind, solar and geothermal. This agenda will help Americans take control of their future energy needs, lower energy expenses, and create jobs for the rural economy.

Pentel also proposes strengthening funding for intrastate bus services, creating more access to mass transit between small towns in greater Minnesota. Such an increase would offer alternatives to those feeling the effects of the increases in prices at the gas pumps.

Pentel will address the health care crisis that others have failed to face. Single payer health care is central to this movement. It will take the burden off of small businesses, farmers, school districts, and the uninsured in a system that is fair and equitable.

For more information, click on Kenpentel main website in menu on the right side or visit with Ken at the state fair.

Contacts: Ken Pentel Chris E. Henning
GPMN Gubernatorial Candidate Media Relations Coordinator
(612) 387-0601 (952) 808-3215